Persephone’s Chapters (Cog’s Cubicle)


  • P goes to class OR contacts BFF & they meet up in another section of the UW.   P has a bruise on her face where Hades slapped her last night (if in class) or earlier that day (if they meet up)
  • They make plans to escape & drift off to dream of a better life


  • she’s running experiments on plants
  • we meet the good plants & the bad plants
  • TINY flashback of the accident with her sister – glimpses – we need to make it cryptic but clear that something REALLY BAD happened – we will explain it later in another chapter
  • ends with her thinking or saying “we’ll be reunited soon,” etc.

5.  PERSEPHONE: Night of the Escape  – Initiation / Road of Trials – P has to overcome a series of tests/obstacles

  •  they elude several monsters
  • they overcome 3 obstacles in the UW:  __________________, __________________   & ________________________.       They fail 1 of these, the end result being: Cerberus knows that they’ve escaped.
  • they finally emerge into bustling NYC, maybe right in the middle of time square (chaos), from a manhole cover

6. ALEXA:  In school cafeteria

  • a week has passed, she got the internship
  • the witch tries befriending her, saying “there’s something diff about you,” have you thought of joining a coven (but downplays it a ton, makes it sound more hippy-ish because she doesn’t want Alexa to think she’s a total weirdo in the event she says no)
  • Alexa decides to hang out with her to see what this hippy bs is all about

7. PERSEPHONE Arrival in NYC

  • Meet  gay guy friend in NYC – he has a beard & works as a barista in a coffee shop – they bump into him as he’s leaving work & spill his coffee all over him – this happens in time square as they’re leaving the manhole cover & going to the penthouse
  • go to penthouse, expose piece on Ceres & where she works, why the Penthouse is deserted, etc.
  • To unwind P and Bff take the subway to go to New York Botanical Garden (Manhattan).
  • On the way, they encounter subway gremlins, who terrorize the passengers.    Passengers think they are rats.
  • BFF & P meet Snark
  • At the Gardens, everything is hunky dory, no problems yet, P & BFF run into Dr. Whosits, a female botanist who has known P practically her whole life.  Dr. Whosits is good friends with Ceres

8. ALEXA: hangs out with witchy

  • Alexa learns what a grimoire is and that there is supposedly the mack-daddy of all grimoires online, but it’s password protected & firewalled like a mofo
  • the witches sit in a circle & cast a simple, good spell, but seemingly nothing happens
  • witches are too “peaceful & goody-two-shoes” for Alexa’s taste; she breaks the circle & leaves saying they’re all dumb & wicca is stupid
  • Alexa goes to lair & hacks intro grimoire, finds a spell that will enhance & give animation to normally inanimate objects

9.   PERSEPHONE: Next morning in NYC – Nosy Neighbor= Yoda

  •  Nosy neighbor (in her 70’s, Korean descent, very wise)   in penthouse hears noises, gets suspicious & discovers the girls
  • Nosy Neighbor (let’s call her NN) thinks it’s wonderful that they’re there, but wonders why they aren’t in school – maybe NN is also a major board member of the private school P attends when she’s visiting her mom during springtime?
  • NN makes P & BFF promise they will go to school next day & says something excessively profound & wise as she exits the penthouse

10 ALEXA: underground lair

  • chapter opens with an argument between Alexa & minion number 5.   At the end of the argument, Alexa kills 5, does whatever they were arguing about by herself & pours the potion she made on a new plant, which she pets and says something like “there, there, six, I’m sure you won’t be a disappointment to Mommy like 5 was, no.”
  • peruses spells some more
  • finds spell that can enchant the vessel to suck nutrients out of the soil, starts planning to bring back sister
  • cackles maniacly

11 PERSEPHONE: in which they reluctantly sign up for school

  • bump into BB in history class, BB is friends with witchy (whom P knew from before) – they all eat lunch together & become friends
  • bump into Alexa in the lunchline, she asks the lunch lady if they have tofurkey
  • Witchy is jealous of BFF (although P has told witchy about her before)
  • they go home & NN has left P a gift – a necklace made from carved bamboo, with a polished stone medallion.    The medallion has the Korean symbol for “strength,” on it.   There is a note with a cryptic, wise message written on it laying next to the box with the necklace.   The note mentions the history between bamboo & luck & says that the symbol means strength.

12 ALEXA: first day as an NYU intern

  • meets HMH (Hottie McHottie aka loveeeeee interest for P & A).   HMH is a double major in botany & meteorology & a frosh at NYU – the guy love science.   Alexa thinks he’s super hot.
  • Alexa steals lab equipment for her lair
  • Alexa goes home, sets up new lab equipment
  • yells at 12, 12 cowers
  • starts making plant army to steal supplies from Botanical Gardens

13 PERSEPHONE – crossing of the 1st threshold – P enters into dangerous territory

  • It’s the weekend – P gets a phone call from Dr. Whosits, saying someone disabled the security system  & broke into & vandalized the botanical gardens last night
  • P, BFF & witchy go down to investigate; broken glass; some plants look like “they uprooted themselves and walked away.”
  • HMH is there as well – he’s a student of Dr. Whosits, who teaches botany at NYU.   He talks to them for a bit, then goes back to cleaning up broken glass & doing an inventory of what got taken.
  • ALEXA & Plant army has left some sort of CLUE behind that will lead them back to either the subway or NYU
  • P bats her eyes at HMH & falls for his wit, charms & good looks
  • BFF & witchy bond over making fun of P liking HMH

14 ALEXA – plant army brings back the goods from the garden

  • Alexa starts building her soil-sucking contraption
  • we get the full story on her sister & her family
  • she completes the crystal contraption & hooks it up to computer system
  • last part of chapter is her pressing the button for it to start sucking nutrients from Queens.


  • P & the gang try to get to the bottom of who broke into the gardens
  • P visits Dr. Whosits at NYU and runs into Alexa & HMH
  • P is a klutz & knocks over a bunch of stuff – she falls, HMH catches her,  HMH says something sultry, P finds a clue in the crap she knocked over
  • Alexa does something suspicious – maybe takes advantage of the situation that P knocks the stuff over – & steals something else from the botany dept (maybe a study on genetic plant mutation)
  • P asks witchy to cast a spell


  • The vessel is filling up with energy from Queens & the Bronx.   Alexa plans to hit Brooklyn & the Staten Island next.
  • Alexa overheards Dr. Whosits & HMH arguing – Dr. Whosits is almost accusing HMH of the break-in & stolen items from the botanical gardens AND the NYU lab – the stuff Alexa has stolen has not gone unnoticed & HMH had unlimited access to both areas
  • Alexa asks HMH if everything is ok & he brushes her off, storming out of NYU
  • Alexa goes home – mom & dad are zoned out in front of the tv & don’t care what she does.   She says something to try & get their attention like “Just so you know, I had a great day.   I had lunch with penguins, got nominated for Vice President of the United States, am running away to join the circus & Thursday I’m bringing Alyssa (or little sister’s name) back from the dead.”   Parents either don’t reply or say something like “well, isn’t that nice, honey.”
  • Alexa’s mood gets darker

17 PERSEPHONE “belly of the whale,” thing

  • P has to start learning to survive without relying on her powers but relying on her inner strength
  • Witchy does locator spell on something left behind at the greenhouse break in
  • the locator spell leads them to Alexa’s lair, but ABOVE GROUND, to an office building or something; they think they’ve reached a dead end
  • they go discouraged to the coffee shop & talk to BB, who reminds them that they saw something at the greenhouse that makes it seem like whomever broke in came from underground
  • BB mentions HMH came in the other day & asked him about P and asked if they were dating or anything and if he’d mind if he asked P out  (Ooooooh, maybe BB winks & says ‘she’s not my type, if you know what I mean.   She’s all yours!”  BB slyly mentions that he & P are going to do some research at the library tomorrow night (gotta find out what time the NYPL closes)


  • 12 catches Alexa doodling hearts & HMH’s name in her notebooks & cracks a joke – Alexa’s about to give him the axe when she is distracted by P. BFF & witchy, busting into her lair
  • Alexa’s security system goes off & she sees them on her security cameras – she & her minions hide; she grabs her backpack but forgets her Biology text book on the table
  • P, BFF & Witchy are amazed at what they see  – they  quickly poke & prod around the lair, find the bio book, realize it must be someone who goes to their school from the stamp on the inside cover (no name, though) & try to figure out what the vessel does…


  • P, BFF & witchy are leaving the lair: Witchy gets very sleepy (Poppies are releasing spores) & almost passes out, P hurries to get all of them out of there, as they leave, vines have been following them up the stairs – they stop moving whenever they look at them, but P & witchy both agree that it’s super weird, as they run up the stairs, one grabs ahold of BFF’s ankles & starts dragging her down the tunnel, back into the lair; P feels helpless, thinks she’s gonna lose her friend.   P’s necklace starts glowing, she looks down & realizes that she can do it!   yahhhhh girlpower/inner strength,  she fights the vine off & they leave.   One of the girls swears she heard one of the plants talking.   BFF & Witchy go home to rest, P had promised BB they’d meet at the library
  • weather is really warm this time of year, P NOTICES it, but doesn’t think it’s too odd
  • P & BB hit the NY Public Library to try and find some answers on what’s going on w the stolen goods
  • HMH is there, doing research as well on soil nutrients & droughts – he tells them it’s been all over the news – plants all over Queens & the Bronx are dead & dying – it’s only a matter of time before “this thing,” gets the trees too – it’s been all over the news – plus, they’re due for a huge storm in a few days
  • HMH asks P if she wants to grab a cup of coffee with him, P agrees
  • Witchy & BFF go to a coven meeting & learn that there’s been a huge internet security breach regarding the Grimoire
  • Witchy also learns about the plants dying – effecting the witches because now it’s harder to get organic plants for spells


  • Uh oh!   Wrench in her plans – what is she going to do?    Alexa plots what to do next
  • hits Brooklyn & SI for soil energy
  • talks to her poisonous plants like a scary psycho about what life will be like with her sister back
  • sends 12 & 14 to spy on P & the gang


  • has coffee date with HMH, he confides that he’s suspended from school & his work w Dr. Whosits because he’s the common denominator in the stolen equipment
  • P has an ‘aha!’ moment when she realizes the stuff in the lair was stolen, but she doesn’t tell him
  • oooooooh-y gooooey first kiss moment  ::le sigh::
  • P gets a glimpse of 12 watching her through the coffee shop window after the kiss
  • P is chased by a pack of stray dogs on the way home
  • NN checks in & gives some wise cryptic advice


  • 12 reports back that he saw P & HMH kissing
  • Alexa’s is heartbroken and goes even FURTHER over to the dark side
  • 14 reports back that bff was watching tv & the plants dying thing is all over the news – 14 remarks that this is fucked up because HE’S a plant & that’s not cool yo – and Alexa kills him, saying 1 minion is plenty & “it’s so hard to find good help these days.”
  • Alexa plans to punish P.   She sends her minions to plant (haha, get it, plant?!) some of the stolen lab equipment in P’s locker & sends Dr. Whosits an anonymous tip to check it
  • At the end of this chapter, she hears a strange noise/small creature slithering away in the subway tunnels


  • Little does Alexa know, Snark was on the case!   Snark appears in P’s class, during a math test, to warn her about the plan.
  • Snark doesn’t know who Alexa is, but describes her as a) “mean, mean, mean. ick!!   Tofu sandwiches, tofu burgers, tofu icecream, Snark no like.  Blaaaaaaeeeerrrgghh.”
  • P gets in trouble for talking to Snark, says she doesn’t feel well & says she doesn’t feel well & needs to go to the nurse.    Teacher won’t let her leave.   BFF gets the hint & asks to go to the bathroom.
  • BFF gets the stolen goods out of the locker & hides them.    “Snark help!” Snark helps her.
  • BFF returns to class, just as P is being escorted out by the principal & Dr. Whosits.


  • is perturbed that P didn’t get taken away in cuffs
  • realizes she’s taking on more power than she needed to raise her sister
  • she makes her minions bigger & more powerful – the lair is becoming a jungle
  • as the plants get bigger, they get meaner


  • Dr. Whosits asks P to explain the note she got
  • They check the locker, nothing there
  • P gets a txt from HMH, asking her to meet him at the coffee shop after school
  • P is torn & doesn’t know if she should jump into another relationship, because of Hades
  • BB & witchy do some investigating in school & create a lunchtime poll, similar to Heathers, to see who’s really into tofu & have everyone sign a petition for healthier lunch choices to get a handwriting sample
  • P studies the note & Dr. Whosits lets her photocopy it


  • Goes home after school – another sad scene with the attached parents – they make some sort of comment about her sister’s death being Alexa’s fault
  • Alexa goes even further down the rabbit hole
  • 12 reports that P is sitting with HMH at the coffee shop
  • Alexa orders her minions to destroy the coffee shop & starts to bring back her sister


  • plants, trees & vines start errupting from every corner of the coffee shop, weakening/destroying the foundation & causing the structure to collapse
  • BB is seriously injured & hospitalized
  • HMH dramatically pushes her out of the way of an exposed beam, gets trapped under it himself & gets knocked unconscious in the process – P and another patron pull him out before the whole building collapses
  • 1 person dies
  • plants keep pulling down buildings, all leading towards the lair in a zig-zag a domino effect
  • P follows the collapse & calls BFF & witchy, they tell her they got a match on the handwriting & that it’s Alexa doing all of this; they start headed down towards the lair, but they’re about 20 minutes behind because of the traffic & chaos


  • Minions have pulled up her sister’s coffin & it’s in the middle of the lair, surrounded by a glowing green light.   casket’s open & she’s hooked up to computer monitors, with the crystal vessel above her.    She’s coming back to life
  • Alexa successfully reanimates her, but she’s a zombie.  She only gets a few steps & collapses, needing more energy.   She kills some of the plant minions & sucks the green life force out of them like a half crazed vampire and then reaches for Alexa, to kill her too.    Alexa’s struggles with her, then has her minions put her back in the coffin.
  • Alexa realizes she’s gonna need a lot more life force for her sister & sends her computer system into overdrive; pulling energy from entire states, 1 by 1.
  • P busts in on the scene

29 PERSEPHONE: Epic Battle Time / The Magic Flight

  • P figures out that she’s reanimating a corpse & tries to stop her – doesn’t notice the computer thing
  • BFF & witchy show up – Witchy casts spell of protection & starts shutting down the computer system
  • BFF brought a week whacker and goes to town
  • P & A are neck & neck when Snark & the subway gremlins show up
  • P’s necklace glows really bright, she remembers the last profound thing NN said to her, something clicks, she does __________________, snatches the vessel from the device and they win!
  • However, the fight has weakened the structure of the lair & the tunnel collapses in on itself.   BFF & Witchy flee the scene, urging P to do the same – as the rumbling & shaking gets increasingly worse P asks Alexa WHY she did all of this.   Alexa tells her ________________________.   P runs, but Alexa lingers over her sister’s coffin
  • Lair collapses in on Alexa & her sister.    The last image P sees is a vine, curling around Alexa’s ankle as it sticks out of the rubble.
  • P & the gang decide no one could have possibly survived the collapse.  (But we know that maybe Alexa is alive – wouldn’t be the first time she cheated death!)

30 – PERSEPHONE: Ultimate Boon & the crossing of  the return threshold

  • Half of NYC is destroyed, but they can bring back the plants by sprinkling a tiny bit of the life force crap on soil in each area, but have to act quick.   P, BFF & witchy split up bring back the plants.   They quip about who’s gonna have to go to NJ.
  • They go to the hospital to visit the boys – a handsome young dr. flirts with BFF (she has a gash on her arm after the lair collapse) & she says something cute and very 1920s-ish.
  • BB is in bad shape but is awake & will make a full recovery.    P slips him some of the left-over life-force thing & all of his bruising fades.
  • HMH has some good news – he’s conscious & also the University did a full investigation & bc there’s no proof, he is re-instated in school & doesn’t have to worry about losing his scholarship.
  • They watch the news from the boys’ hospital room – all is returning to normal, but there were a few casualties due to the buildings collapsing all over the city.
  • HMH & P kiss; they make plans for a date

31 – PERSEPHONE- Ceres comes home – apotheosis: period of rest, peace & fulfillment

  • Mom acts surprised, but we find out that she’s kind of known all along that P was there in NYC; claims she arrives because of call from dr. whosits
  • NN shows up, saying something happy-cryptic and also something foreshadowing-next-book-scary-cryptic
  • P & HMH go on date, HMH remarks that the weather’s been getting weirder & weirder  – it’s December & 90 degrees; he says he wanted to take her ice skating at rockefeller center, but they can’t bc all of the ice melted – they stare up at the gold statue of Hermes at RC & kiss
  • a dog howls in the backround

EPILOGUE:    HADES, HADES, HADES – Cerberus comes in to his foyer –  whines to his master.    (Cerberus can’t speak, but Hades asks him questions & he whines or howls in response).   He makes it clear that he knows where P is.     “I think it’s about time we go topside & see what my girlfriend’s up to…”  (or something like that) & then he shatters the marble statue he’s holding, or does something excessively violent – or maybe we see an army of UW creatures lined up as he looks outside



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